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Chin. Opt. Lett.
 Home  List of Issues   Issue 05 , Vol.16 , 2018

Advances in Metasurfaces(Feature Issue)
Editors:Qiwen Zhan,Qiaoqiang Gan
Chinese Optics Letters (COL) invites original manuscript submissions for a Special Issue on Advances in Metasurfaces to be published in May 2018. Metasurface refers to a type of artificial thin film materials with sub-wavelength features that can generate desired and/or new optical phenomena. The past decade has witnessed significant advances in metasurface ranging from fundamental physics to nanomanufacturing methods and practical application. Typical research efforts include wave-front engineering and focusing, polarization manipulation, light trapping and localization, absorption engineering and colorimetric display. Being able to manipulate the optical properties of metasurfaces will create new regimes of optical physics and impact a broad range of photonic, energy and biomedical technologies including new commercial product research and development. This special issue will include excellent review articles and original contributions covering the rapid advances and tremendous breadth of this emerging technical area

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