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Chin. Opt. Lett.
 Home  List of Issues    Issue 12 , Vol. 16 , 2018    10.3788/COL201816.120101

Average BER of coherent optical QPSK systems with phase errors over M turbulence channels
Jiashun Hu1, Zaichen Zhang1, Liang Wu1, Jian Dang1, and Guanghao Zhu2
1 National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory, [Southeast University], Nanjing 210096, China
2 School of Electronic Science and Engineering, [Nanjing University], Nanjing 210023, China

Chin. Opt. Lett., 2018, 16(12): pp.120101

Topic:Atmospheric optics and oceanic optics
Keywords(OCIS Code): 010.1300  010.1330  060.1660  060.2605  

The average bit-error-rate (BER) performance is studied for a coherent free-space optical communication system employing differentially encoded quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) with the Mth-power phase estimation method. A closed-form expression, considering the combined effects of the Málaga (M) turbulence fading, pointing errors, and phase estimation errors, is derived in terms of Meijer’s G function. Numerical and Monte Carlo simulation results are presented to verify the derived expression.

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Posted online:2018/11/27

Get Citation: Jiashun Hu, Zaichen Zhang, Liang Wu, Jian Dang, and Guanghao Zhu, "Average BER of coherent optical QPSK systems with phase errors over M turbulence channels," Chin. Opt. Lett. 16(12), 120101(2018)

Note: This work was supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (Nos. 61571105, 61501109, 61601119, and 61601120).


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