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Chin. Opt. Lett.
 Home  List of Issues    Issue 10 , Vol. 15 , 2017    10.3788/COL201715.100401

Series resistance influence on performance of waveguide-type germanium photodetectors on silicon
Jeong-Min Lee, Minkyu Kim, and Woo-Young Choi
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, [Yonsei University], Seoul 120-749, South Korea

Chin. Opt. Lett., 2017, 15(10): pp.100401

Keywords(OCIS Code): 040.5160  040.6040  060.0060  060.4510  

We investigate influences of series resistances on the performance of 1.55 μm waveguide-type germanium photodetectors (Ge-PDs) on a silicon-on-insulator substrate. The current–voltage characteristics, responsivities, saturation photo-current characteristics, electrical reflection coefficients, and photodetection frequency responses of Ge-PDs, having different series resistances, are measured, and their equivalent circuit models are established. By analyzing the resulting circuit model parameters, we determine how much Ge-PD series resistances influence Ge-PD saturation photo-currents and photodetection bandwidth. These results should be of great use for optimization of Ge-PD fabrication processes and device parameters for target applications.

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Posted online:2017/8/2

Get Citation: Jeong-Min Lee, Minkyu Kim, and Woo-Young Choi, "Series resistance influence on performance of waveguide-type germanium photodetectors on silicon," Chin. Opt. Lett. 15(10), 100401(2017)

Note: This work was supported in part by the National Research Foundation of Korea through the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning under Grant No. 2015R1A2A2A01007772 and in part by the Materials and Parts Technology Research and Development Program through the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy under Project No. 10065666.


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