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Chin. Opt. Lett.
 Home  List of Issues    Issue 09 , Vol. 12 , 2014    10.3788/COL201412.093401

Multi-energy four-channel Kirkpatrick–Baez microscope for X-ray imaging diagnostics at the Shenguang-II laser facility
Shengzhen Yi1;2;3, Baozhong Mu1;2, Xin Wang1;2, Li Jiang1;2, Jingtao Zhu1;2, Zhanshan Wang1;2, Pengfei He1;3, Zhiheng Fang4, Wei Wang4, Sizu Fu4
1 [MOE Key Laboratory of Advanced Micro-Structured Materials], Shanghai 200092, China
2 School of Physics Sciences and Engineering, [Tongji University], Shanghai 200092, China
3 School of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics, [Tongji University], Shanghai 200092, China
4 [Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma, CAEP], Shanghai 201800, China

Chin. Opt. Lett., 2014, 12(09): pp.093401

Topic:X-ray optics
Keywords(OCIS Code): 340.7440  310.6845  340.7470  

A four-channel Kirkpatrick–Baez microscope working at multiple energy bands is developed for multiframe X-ray imaging diagnostics at the Shenguang-II laser facility. The response to the multiple energy bands is realized by coating the double-periodic multilayers on the reflected surfaces of the microscope. Because of the limited size of the microstrips in the X-ray framing camera, the image separation is controlled by the conical angle of the reference cores during microscope assembly. This study describes the optical and multilayer design, assembly, and alignment of the developed microscope. The microscope achieves a spatial resolution of 4–5 mm in the laboratory and 10–20 mm at Shenguang-II laser facility within a 300 mm field of view. The versatile nature of the developed microscope enables the multiple microscopes currently installed in the laser facility to be replaced with a single, multipurpose microscope.

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Posted online:2014/8/23

Get Citation: Shengzhen Yi, Baozhong Mu, Xin Wang, Li Jiang, Jingtao Zhu, Zhanshan Wang, Pengfei He, Zhiheng Fang, Wei Wang, Sizu Fu, "Multi-energy four-channel Kirkpatrick–Baez microscope for X-ray imaging diagnostics at the Shenguang-II laser facility," Chin. Opt. Lett. 12(09), 093401(2014)

Note: This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 11305116 and 11105098), the National Key Technology Support Program of China (No. 2013BAK14B02), and the National "973" Program of China (No. 2011CB922203).


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